LGBTQIA+ Friendly Dive Instructors / Dive Shops

DISCLAIMER: This is a list comprised of recommendations given by my followers on Instagram, not my personal experiences. This list was updated as of June 2024. If you would like to add or remove from the list please email Olivia at


  • Sarah of Azul Unlimited (
  • Nikole Heath ForceE Scuba in South Florida USA
  • Pura Vida Divers in West Palm Beach Florida USA
  • Haley Davis Pura Vida Divers West Palm Beach, FL USA
  • Gigglin Marlin Houston Texas, USA
  • Erik and Melanie Payeur Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
  • Kate Moffitt in Oahu Hawaii USA
  • Mike Dech in Central Florida USA
  • Donna Smith in West Palm Beach
  • ScubAdventures in Naples Florida USA
  • Sarah Finstad Monterey California USA


  • Torpedo Rays Scuba Nova Scotia Canada
  • Ocean Quest Vancouver BC, Canada
  • Nisos Dive Center in Benidorm, Spain
  • Barefoot Scuba (renamed Swaraj Dweep) Havelock in Andaman Islands, India
    • Kirtan and partner @shonalighosal
  • Jade M Sourisse in Hong Kong
  • ScubaCaribe in Zanzibar
  • Pavel with Salty Bone Divers in Chennai, India
  • Blue View Divers Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
  • Sunreef Mooloolaba Queensland, Australia
  • @batmandiveroffical Hurghada Egypt
  • Mena-Sharm el Sheik Filippo- Taormina, Sicily
  • East Coast Scuba in Bedford Nova Scotia
  • @memoirofamermaid in Cayos chinos
  • Cat Jones Aquasport in Birmingham, UK
  • Fred and Melinda at Grand Bahama Scuba Freeport
  • Jasmin Wilson Cozumelel Freediving and Scuba in Cozumel MX
  • Vasco Rebordao in Portugal
  • Oceanos expediciones y bueco mexico
  • Ocean Enterprises San Diego California USA
  • Alejandro Rivera Dominican Republic
  • Azores Dive Center
  • 3willysdiving Phuket
  • Mohamed Abdel Hameed Egypt Red Sea Safaga City
  • Aliwal Shoal South Africa
  • Michael Snoodgrass or Rae Du Plessis at Blue Ocean Dive Resort
  • Utila Dive Center Utilia, Honduras
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